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Let’s Get Funny’s isn’t your run-of-the-mill corporate team-building event...It’s a team building experience. We’ve invented a new and innovative way to leverage the power of comedy to create an unforgettable adventure. Humor is one of humanity’s oldest and most universally loved ways to connect and break down barriers, and through our comedy workshops, it will have powerful effects on your team’s cohesion and performance.

We work with the best stand up comics in the Bay Area, who will perform some material to kick off the workshop. Their diverse styles and backgrounds gives your team a variety of techniques to study and learn from. Afterwards, we provide hands-on coaching to help them write their own material. The participants then deliver their own original work in front of their peers, which takes everyone out of the comfort zones just enough to expand their individual confidence and sense of togetherness as a team.

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Why Standup Comedy Workshops?


For a team to function at their highest potential, it’s critical to foster trust amongst team members and a sense of individual accountability around a shared goal. Plain and simple, teams work harder and more creatively when they feel bonded to each other on a personal level. That’s why more and more companies are investing in team building workshops and skills-based coaching.

Our workshops offer the perfect method to foster togetherness by channeling humor as a method to explore individuality and cultural nuance. Participants often express how much more connected they are to their co-workers after the workshop and that they gained appreciation for each other’s life experiences.


Let’s Get Funny workshops reported on average a 200% increase in their confidence immediately after the event.Confidence gained in a structured environment translates into more confidence in the workplace, whether it’s introducing a new idea at a team meeting, delivering a product pitch to a prospect, or simply being more engaged in company activities. By ensuring that even the most timid participant has the support and coaching from our comedy coaches, we foster a sense of individual accomplishment with every single workshop.

Our participants gain confidence on many levels because 1) they are taking a risk in front of their peers and have the support and coaching to be successful, 2) they are stepping outside of their comfort zone which is important to growing as individuals, 3) they are learning a new skill. Because of the increased confidence through our workshops, participants will take these newfound skills and attitude towards other aspects of their lives, and this will pay dividends in their work performance.

Public Speaking

Besides death, public speaking is public fear #1 across every human being, regardless of background. It’s also one of the most important skills to master no matter what kind of work you do, because being able to deliver a compelling message to a group of people will always be part of career development.

Stand up comedy is public speaking on steroids, where timing, tone, body language, volume, and content come together for the sole purpose of making somebody else laugh. Being able to improving one’s delivery of humor can supercharge their public speaking ability, and also provide a vehicle to explore their own ability to connect to an audience.


Besides being a terrific investment in your team’s growth and confidence, Let’s Get Funny workshops are just plain fun! Who doesn’t like that feeling of uncontrollable laughter in a work-sanctioned environment?

Our workshops all begin with a performance from our comedy coaches and their delight your team with wit. After the initial performances, our comedy coaches work with your team members to help develop their own material. Through this process your team members get to experiment with their own creativity as well, and when they eventually tell their jokes to their peers, get ready for giggles to evolve into hysterics. Your team will be talking about this workshop for months!

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Let’s Get Funny, LLC, is the world’s first company that utilizes the principles of standup comedy as an instrument for team building. The founders are Greg Goettel, a comic with experience in tourism and company events, and Emily Tsitrian, a senior manager at a mid-size tech company.


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