This has always been a bucket list item for me, to do stand up comedy in front of my friends. I was ridiculously nervous at first but after watching the team do their routines I felt more relaxed. The team helped me to write a few good jokes and I felt ready to go! What a thrilling experience. As soon as I was finished, I wanted to do it all over again."



It's always good to go from being nervous, to panicked, to laughing my ass off all in a work-sanctioned, team building session. I recommend this to any team looking for a way to exercise their public speaking skills, improvising abilities, and creativity in a unique, chaotic way."



Standup comedy is something that I have always enjoyed, but never though I would have to stand up and be on center stage. Greg with Gettle Comedy came to our company to host a team building event around stand up comedy. It was extremely funny and exciting having a private stand up show and then working with my co workers to do our own stand up. Great team building activity that definitely helps build valuable relationships with co workers. Highly recommend."



This workshop was a gamechanger! Brought out the comedian in every person, no matter what background you come from."



I've always wanted to try stand up comedy, but was afraid I wasn't funny enough. After this session I realized my untapped potential!"



I recently completed the stand up comic team building event. This was one of the most empowering moments of my life. Of course, I thought there was no way I was going to make comics and my team laugh. However, when my turn came, I let the smiles and laughs of the room carry me and gave me the confidence to continue. Turns out I am pretty funny! I love the way it felt to be in front of the room. I normally freeze in front of my peers. This naturally brought our team closer, since we learned more about one another as well as our sense of humor. Fantastic team building activity. I highly suggest it to any team looking for progression and lots of laughs!"